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Defurr UM Cat Treats by Mark Chappell are a tasty nutritious treats your cat will go crazy over. Preventing and removing hairballs has never been easier. No messy paste. Low calorie. Because they deserve the best.

Tomyln See Spot Go! Sprays away stains and odors without scrubbing. Good on blood, urine, vomit, fecal stains and more. Use around litter boxes, on carpets, furniture, clothing, etc. Works in seconds.

NutriVet Uri Ease Soft Chews is formulated by veterinarians to help maintain a cats urinary tract health. Contains lysine, cranberry juice extract, MSM and glucosamine. Tuna flavor.

Davis 4 % Chlorhexidine Shampoo is formulated for moderate severe skin conditions associated with micro organisms and bacteria. Proven safe, chlorhexidine gluconate works to provide therapeutic bath and promotes healthy skin and coat. For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

I.S.P. Skin Renewal/Conditioning Therapy by I.S.P. Company is an antibacterial, antifungal, non-toxic ointment of iodine and sulfur in a Petrolatum base. For the treatment of wounds, bites, dry skin, hot spots, foot pad problems and wounds where sutures are not possible on horses, cattle, dogs and cats. Prevents scabbing and damaged tissue, allowing the wound to heal from the inside out.

Supra Odor Control Pet Shampoo by Kenice eliminates skunk and unpleasant odors. Desnarls and beautifies as it cleans.

Bat, swat, fling and toss.The Catnip PomPom Balls are a great cat toy for cats of all ages. Colorful pompom balls with catnip inside. Assorted colors.

Magneticat works like magic. This cat toy captivates cats with its mesmerizing motion for hours.

Andis Power DeShedders Model DS-1 is a deshedding tool equipped with a powerful motor for quick and easy operation. Vibrating comb gently massages and calms your pet while removing undercoat and loose hair.